For most people who want to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the United States, an immigration medical exam and vaccinations are required. At Family Physicians, we offer the immigration exam to any patients seeking a visa or green card, or who are otherwise required to get a USCIS medical exam by a designated civil surgeon here at Family Physicians and will be glad to answer your questions during your exam.


  • Detailed Medical History
  • Physical Exam & Mental Status Evaluation by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • Blood testing for Syphilis (required for 15 years and older)
  • TB skin testing ( required for 2 years and older)
  • Tdap
  • Verification of Completion of USCIS Required Immunizations
  • Quick Completion of Form I-693
  • Sealed Envelope containing Form I-693 with other pertinent medical results
What is an Immigration Medical Exam?

An immigration medical exam, or immigration physical, is a special type of exam that can only be performed by a physician designated by USCIS. These types of immigration doctors known as “civil surgeons” and are the only kinds qualified to conduct the exam. Viagra Gyál is available as a generic alternative to cialis which is the most common prescription drug for men in the us. Your ivermectin scabies how fast does it work doctor might prescribe lipitor tablets or capsules, which contain the medicine in a single-pill form. A study of codis (combined dna https://ethina.in/41984-ivermectin-horse-paste-for-human-lice-97126/ index system) dna profiles in 100 cases of codis-identifiable persons with confirmed cases of a confirmed or probable bioterrorism agent has been conducted. However, the cancer cells cannot be destroyed in this way, and it is important to attack the cancer cells before they https://errinbaugh.com/73988-stromectol-walgreens-35866/ become fully resistant to the cancer treatment. Eprinomectin functions by being taken up Best stromectol france by the parasites, where it binds to specific sites on the parasite's cuticle. The civil surgeon will screen you for specific medical conditions that may affect your visa or green card eligibility. The immigration exam is not a comprehensive exam; while your doctor may find other health issues during your exam, they are not required to proceed with further testing on those conditions. The civil surgeon is only required to test for conditions listed by USCIS.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Exam?

You need to bring in a photo ID and your alien number, as well as Form I-693, available on the USCIS website. If you have an old form, print a new one to make sure you have the most up-to-date version. You may complete Part 1 of your form before you come in for your exam. However, make sure you do not sign your form until instructed by your physician to do so. The civil surgeon will use Form I-693 to track and report the results of your medical exam. After the examination and the appropriate forms have been completed, your doctor will sign and seal Form I-693 in an envelope, along with any supporting documents. The civil surgeon will then give you the sealed envelope. Do not open the envelope. It is your responsibility to mail the envelope to USCIS, and it must remain unopened. USCIS will not accept the envelope if it has been opened or distinctly altered.

What Happens During an Immigration Physical?

During an immigration exam, the civil surgeon will discuss with you your medical history and will complete a physical exam, chest x-ray, and blood tests for syphilis. Please make sure to mention any conditions you already know about, such as diabetes, mental illness, or pregnancy, to assist the civil surgeon in thoroughly completing the exam. You should also provide a list of medications you are currently taking, as well as vaccinations you are up-to-date on. If you have ever tested positive for tuberculosis or syphilis, or have had an abnormal chest x-ray, please bring a certificate from your doctor outlining the details of your result and any treatment that you received for those issues.

How Much Does an Immigration Medical Exam Cost?

At Family Physicians, we offer the immigration physical for $150.00 with valid vaccination records. This includes PPD (tuberculosis skin test), syphilis blood test, gonorrhea test, and the physical exam. If you do not have valid vaccination records, the exam will cost $350 and includes the above, as well as a tetanus shot, blood test for varicella, and blood test for MMR. During flu season, the flu vaccine will cost an additional $25. If you test positive for certain conditions or do not have the necessary vaccinations, there will be additional fees to have the required vaccinations or for treatment of positive medical conditions.

If you’d like to make an appointment or you have questions or concerns about the immigration exam, please call us at 773-545-9200